Investment Management

A successful investment management program depends on a core philosophy coupled with a reliable structured process to execute on that philosophy. Without both components, a portfolio is like a ship without a rudder drifting at sea.

Our investment management services are provided by our independent Registered Investment Advisor, KB Financial Partners. The KB Financial Partners’ investment philosophy and process are driven by our investment committee’s collective experience and knowledge, developed over decades of investing through many market cycles. Our investment team defines our firm’s overall approach, regularly monitors markets and client portfolios and identifies both strategic and tactical opportunities for our clients. These principles form the foundation from which our investment services are delivered.

Risk Management



Intermediate-Term Perspective


Personalization and Alignment

Portfolio Design and Management


Sustainable & Impact Investing

Our team does not swing for the fences. While some clients seek capital preservation and others emphasize growth, a focus on risk management is a core tenet of all of our portfolios. We believe that regardless of personal risk tolerance, “smoothing the ride” increases our clients’ chances of achieving their goals over the long term. We continually challenge the consensus view, look at new solutions with a skeptical but not dismissive eye and strive for the highest degree of prudence.

Our extensive relationships, substantial scale and independence allow us to selectively access many of today’s most respected investment managers for effective investment solutions. We source investment solutions from some of the largest firms in the industry as well as smaller, niche providers that big firms typically can’t (or won’t) access, providing our clients with more complex, illiquid and private investments. Our clients have the opportunity to reap the benefits of the larger firm while working with a nimble, flexible boutique organization.

We are agnostic about what vehicles to use in portfolios, weighing cost, liquidity, tax efficiency, and investment merits as we seek the most effective solution for our clients. We believe the most effective portfolios are based on a hybrid approach that includes passive and active strategies, liquid and illiquid, and simple and complex investments, to help clients enjoy smoother relative performance through market cycles.

Too many advisors fall into the long-term buy, hold and do nothing camp or overestimate their capabilities and trade too frequently. We focus on an intermediate-term time horizon by looking for opportunities and managing risk with a one to three-year perspective. We believe this strikes a good balance and increases our clients’ odds of success throughout volatile market cycles.

Our only direct compensation for investment management services is our fee to advise our clients. This principle, along with KB Financial’s absence of proprietary products, helps us minimize the potential for conflicts of interest. Our recommendations and investment selections are objective, allowing us to focus on our clients’ best interests, without the concern for the significant conflicts of interest found at other firms.

We take the time to gain a thorough understanding of a clients’ financial picture, including net worth, sources of income, goals, objectives, family dynamics and risk tolerance. We then collaborate with them to develop a specific strategy aligned with their needs, preferences and expectations. We analyze the current holdings and tax efficiency of their asset allocation and identify any constraints or family values that should be a component of their investment strategy—such as sustainable and impact investing.

We clearly illustrate our recommended portfolio and discuss both risks and opportunities with each client. We also advise on the need to change a portfolio over time as we monitor the changes in market conditions and the global economy and identify new solutions. Consistent with our intermediate-term perspective, we typically recommend a handful of portfolio adjustments each year. The vast majority of our clients empower us to manage their portfolios with discretion. This allows us to act quickly and efficiently on their behalf as needs arise and frees them from some of the pressures of making complex investment decisions.

Unpleasant surprises, unmet expectations and a lack of confidence are all threats to long-term investment success. We communicate with our clients regularly through quarterly commentaries and research summaries and issue bulletins in periods of heightened volatility to keep clients informed of the markets and our perspectives. Our reporting tools help clients to easily understand how their portfolios are invested and performing—and we are always available to discuss strategies or answer questions.

Many of our clients have a passion for making a difference in this world. We support their passion by balancing their social and financial missions in a results-oriented portfolio. While we believe many companies that incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices may perform better than average, not all will. The same is true of investment managers who invest using ESG factors — not all are exceptional. Our team rigorously researches the investments implemented in our client’s ESG portfolios using the same criteria and portfolio construction techniques used in our more traditional portfolios.



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