Family Wealth Planning & Governance

Family Wealth Planning

Clients often engage us to effectively act as their family CFO. Even if a family business is not involved, the diverse interests of family members should ideally be managed cohesively as an enterprise focused on a core family philosophy.

Managing a family enterprise requires an in-depth understanding of the family’s goals and aspirations as well as a familiarity with the various professionals who support them. Often the wealth creator has defaulted to a CFO or general contractor role, trying to manage a group of professionals in a myriad of wealth-related and family governance activities. This person has become responsible for managing cash flow and budgeting, overseeing the investment strategies and advisor(s), working with the legal team and tax planners, and coordinating risk management and insurance. To coordinate such a comprehensive plan is often beyond the time or skills of any one person, and certainly extremely difficult if the running of a family business is involved. KB Financial is structured to coordinate the integration of outside relationships with our internal teams. We quickly develop a rapport with other advisors and strive to create strong working relationships with them. This enables us to facilitate the coordination of the many elements of a family’s enterprise.

Financial Analysis

Tax Planning

Estate Planning

Life insurance and Risk Management

Successful family wealth management rests on fully understanding the financial implications of planning decisions. Our team will develop detailed models to let us analyze and stress test a variety of scenarios, ultimately allowing our clients to better assess the merits of their tactical decisions as well as to better plan long-term strategies.

We often help our clients mitigate or minimize the tax burdens of their wealth management decisions through strategic planning and implementation. Our dedicated team of tax professionals can provide year-round advice that is fully integrated with the overall financial plan of the family enterprise. Additionally, our team is well versed in personal and business compliance matters to assist in meeting our clients’ filing requirements.

Developing a successful estate plan calls for the integration of multiple disciplines. At KB Financial, we bring together both internal and external resources to craft long-lasting, sustainable plans that take into account family goals as well as the coordination of legal, tax, business and governance issues. None of these aspects can be viewed in a vacuum, as they must be coordinated to align the estate plan with each client’s vision and values. At the same time, the plan must be flexible enough to change with not only a fluid tax environment but also the dynamics of a family’s situation.

Life insurance can be foundational to the successful implementation of wealth accumulation and transfer strategies. Our extensive experience in the design, implementation and monitoring of these plans spans over 35 years, and has impacted generations of clients. As a member of M Financial, we are part of a group of elite firms that benefit from a number of M Financial’s unique competitive advantages that inure to the benefit of our clients.


Family Governance

Research has shown that 90% of the wealth in affluent families is dissipated by the third generation. As a result, wealth owners who plan for the financial well being of their families must also educate their children to find wealth as a source of satisfaction and opportunity. As uncomfortable as this may seem, the return is well worth the effort.



Governance Structure

Family Meetings

Family governance begins with articulating family values, now and for future generations. It goes beyond managing financial assets to include the family’s history, knowledge, experiences and goals. The infrastructure that allows for effective leadership, governance, education and communication, must be in place for a family to maintain its legacy through future generations.

By educating teen and adult children our clients can improve their financial IQ. To help develop their knowledge, we encourage our clients to introduce their children to their financial consultants at an appropriate age to begin to prepare them to be productive participants in the family’s financial life.

We can assist our clients in creating a structure for governance and a decision-making framework within the context of their unique family history, needs, vision and values.

We will assist our clients in facilitating family meetings designed to reinforce the family’s goals and aspirations by creating an environment that will nurture the family’s vision, facilitate communication and develop their future leaders.


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