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KB Financial financial services

KB Financial services

What distinguishes KB Financial is our ability to crystallize the dynamics of each client’s technical and personal needs and to create and manage a plan to deliver the financial services needed to meet them. This difference evolves from the skills of our team and our ability to tailor our knowledge and experience to deliver pertinent advice and assist in the implementation of our suggestions.

Many of our clients ask us to be the “general contractor” of their family enterprise, coordinating and implementing legal, tax and estate planning, budgeting, investments and insurance solutions in an attempt to achieve optimal outcomes. Sometimes we are called on to determine the viability of a business transfer to the next generation or to analyze the options of financing, monetization or strategic acquisition alternatives. Whatever our clients’ request, we strive to provide comprehensive financial care to develop an integrated solution allowing a framework for more informed decision making in the context of the entire family enterprise.


We address the basic needs of our clients, including cash flow analysis, proactive income and estate tax planning and investment management. KB Financial’s financial service model is designed to provide our clients with sound practical advice around these core elements of a family’s wealth management.


Once our clients’ basic needs and core components of a financial plan are identified, we believe our clients are better positioned to make meaningful decisions so that each aspect of their financial life is aligned with their vision of success.


Integrating the essential financial parameters of the family enterprise sets the stage for reliable execution — allowing our clients to relax and enjoy other aspects of their lives.

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