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Why PNC Asset Management Group Chose M Financial Group

PNC is committed to providing clients with a comprehensive suite of wealth management solutions to help maintain their financial well-being while they protect and create their legacies. Although risk management is an essential component of developing a sound financial strategy, clients sometimes overlook this critical factor of financial planning. To initiate, guide, and help support our clients throughout the risk management process, PNC has entered into a strategic relationship with M Financial Group, an industry leader we believe can offer our advisors and clients a host of customized solutions that fit their needs and goals.

Focus on High and Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals

M Financial Group was founded in 1978 based on the premise that clients in the high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth segments have better mortality, retain their insurance policies longer, and purchase larger face amounts of life insurance. 1 This means that typically M Financial Group’s clients represent a better risk for some of the largest life insurance carriers in the United States, 2 which may result in lowered costs for M proprietary life products.

In-force pricing occurs when a life insurance carrier changes the expense and mortality charge or a specific block of insurance policies. M Group products have positively benefited from more than 55 of these pricing changes, by either a reduction in premium or cash value crediting.

In addition, M Financial Group has partnered with some large life insurance carriers in the United States to create proprietary M Financial Group products that help leverage this experience and pass the efficiency back to the client. These proprietary products also can potentially receive “in-force” pricing adjustments credited to the client if the products perform better than expected.3

Industry Leading Professionals

M Group Financial professionals consider themselves to be leaders in the industry. Fifteen member firm principals have served as president of the Association for Advanced Life Underwriting (AALU), a life insurance industry advocacy organization; dozens more have served on the AALU Board of Directors (including three on the current board) and various committees. Also, M Financial Group is the only life insurance producer (seller) that is an active member of American Council of Life Insurers.4 We believe this is a differentiator because they own a reinsurance company and have extensive actuarial experience information.

M Financial Group marketers have an average annual premium placed of $2 million. This level of production on a per marketer basis typically allows these professionals to have closer relationships with the carriers and enables M Financial Group to better monitor their members.

Commitment to In-Force Policy Service and Carrier Partnerships

M Financial Group has a commitment to the equitable treatment of in-force policies. In-force Management is based on the belief that performance and cost should be measured over the life of the policy, not with an initial illustration or first-year premium. This commitment to preserving the effectiveness and efficiency of M proprietary products has resulted in 54 repricings for both new and in-force policies.

Size and Scale to Negotiate on Behalf of PNC Clients ƒƒ

  • $161 billion of life insurance face amount written and $39 billion of cash surrender value in force through M Financial Group producers5 ƒƒ
  • More than $1.2 billion of first-year premium written in 2018 ƒƒ
  • Strategic partnerships with Prudential, John Hancock, Pacific Life, Symetra, Nationwide, and UNUM.6

The Strategic Relationship Allows PNC to Educate Clients to the Insurance Strategies That Can Affect Their Financial Plans

PNC has added insurance strategists who, as part of the Wealth Strategy Group, have an extensive background in insurance strategies. These insurance strategists work with the client’s existing team to review risk management as part of an overall financial plan. If a client decides to be underwritten and apply for insurance, PNC relies on M Financial Group to provide those services.

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